Bee-ssentials Natural Soaps

Handcrafted Coffee and Sugar Scrub Soap. Humectant, Exfoliates.

$1.49 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


Handcrafted with Arabica Coffee Soap Base. Contains ground coffee that does not dissolve in water which makes it great at scrubbing away dead skin cells.

Sugar added that acts a natural humectant because it draws moisture from the environment into to your skin. It also hydrating and naturally exfoliates.

Has a light scent of Coffee.

Approx. Weight: 6 oz (Bars are cut my hand, so weight and sizes vary).

*The benefits this soap provides are known for its ingredients and are not intended to cure or prevent any type of skin condition.

Ingredients: Arabica Coffee Soap Base, Sugar, Coffee Grounds.

Soaps are Handcrafted, Packaged, and Shipped by Bee-ssentials Natural Soaps, LLC.

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