Lip Gloss Wholesale Program

Thinking of starting a small business? Maybe to make a little more money on the side? Why not sell Lip Gloss?

There’s no lip or makeup product out there that gets as shiny, reflective, glossy, and sells like Lip Gloss.

According, there are a lot of benefits for wearing lip gloss and why it’s making a comeback:

There is no other product like it. Lip Gloss is totally unique. There's no other product that can boast as much shine, moisture, and volume all-in-one as lip gloss.

It’s Long Lasting.

It’s not as sticky. Lip gloss used to be stickier than glue, but thankfully time and modern formulations have proved that it can exist without the pasty element, making it better than ever.

It goes with lots of looks. Lip gloss is versatile, unique, and totally gorgeous for any style of visage.

Lip gloss is versatile, unique, and totally gorgeous for any style of visage.

It Gives Your Lips Volume.

It's Sparkly.

It's Moisturizing.

It's Easy To Reapply.

It Highlights Your Features.

Benefits of Purchasing already made Lip Gloss instead of making your own?

No dealing with high startup costs. A lot of supplies goes into making lip gloss. Even though they’re starter kits to make lip gloss, it does not include all of the other supplies needed. For example, Shrink Bands or Boxes for packaging, Disposable Mixing Bowls, Disposable Spoons or Spatulas, Napkins (It gets kind of messy), Disposable Gloves, Cleaning Products to Sanitize Work Space. Some kits may not include oils that gives it that smooth application. Mostly used is Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, or Olive Oil.

Saves you a lot of time. Depending on the amount of lip glosses you want to make, it can take days of prepping, mixing, and filling the lip gloss tubes.

So let us do the work for you!

We cannot offer legal advice, but we can help you with any questions on what you need to start a business, where to get a logo, supplies, etc.

Volume Pricing

A minimum of 30 tubes up to a maximum of 50 tubes:

30-39 $3.50 each
40-49 $3.15 each
50 $2.80 each

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You can also take advantage of the Paypal Credit Program we offer to help with your initial purchase.

**Please note that All sales are final**