Bee-ssentials Natural Soaps

Handcrafted Vanilla Ice Cream & Brownie Soap.

$1.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


Handcrafted with Three Butter Soap, Cocoa, Mango, Shea. Hydrates and sooths the skin and is rich in antioxidants that detoxifies.

Cocoa Butter helps renew and firm new skin cells. Mango Butter restores flexibility and reduces degeneration of skin cells.

Shea Butter is an antioxidant and moisturizes. Also has Sugar that Exfoliates dead skin build up, moisturizes, helps remove toxins, which can be used for body and feet.

Vanilla Ice Cream and Brownie Scented.

Weight: 6 oz each.

*The benefits this soap provides are known for its ingredients and are not intended to cure or prevent any type of skin condition.

Ingredients: Three Butter Cocoa, Mango, Shea Soap Base, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Mica Powder for Coloring, Essential Scented Oils

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