​ The Underrated Value and Beauty of Hand Knitting

Knitting is an ancient craft that have been intricately sewn in the fabric of almost many nations’ rich culture and tradition, and have played a great role in history, especially for Poland. However, far from being rendered obsolete, the art of knitting continue to thrive in the modern world and continue to be celebration as one of the finest techniques in manufacturing garments for both sexes. Centuries ago, knitted shirts and sweaters prove to be quite helpful, particularly for the inhabitants near the Baltic Sea where a lot of seamen relied heavily on the warmth and comfort that woolen knits can provide.

However, the knitting method that we know of today are far more efficient from the way women have to painstaking spend hundreds of hours on one project using hand knitting techniques. Today, knitted products can be easily reproduced through the use of knitting machines and needles can invariably makes this craft a lot easier. Still, there are a handful of individuals who opt to create their products the traditional way through hand knitting and are of course naturally considered to be more expensive and more of a luxury than merely another piece of garment. Today, hand knitting products are usually confined in the creation of fashionable accessories such as bags, hats, gloves and scarves since it is less time consuming and little less complicated.

Among the popular materials used for hand knitting are wool and linen, these two types of yarns are known to be quite sturdy and naturally a top choice among many professional knitters. If you are lucky enough to own a hand knitted product, then you should know that it require more delicate maintenance care that regular machine made knits. Its actually considered a great blunder to machine was your hand-knit garment since there’s a large possibility that you will only end up ruining it. Mild soap with lukewarm water should be used at all times along with gentle washing to effectively retain the original shape of the material Avoid drying it under direct sunlight or wringing it forcefully so that you can effectively maintain its original color and the quality of the material.

Despite the emergence of different fabrics and sewing techniques all throughout the years, knitting is still every much a popular choice and prove to be a fashion must-have for every individual. So if you have one of those hand knitted products, then you have every right to count yourself lucky indeed since it’s considered to be one of the rare pieces of clothing in this modern day and more often than not it features impeccable workmanship.

15th Mar 2021 The Yarn Connection & Creations

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